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EventPro Software has two powerful event management software solutions.

This site is dedicated to EventPro, the perfect event management software & booking software solution for professional Venue Managers, Event Managers, Function Managers and Catering Managers to effectively plan & manage the key elements of an event and/or a delivery. Contrary to its name, EventPro isn’t just suited to event bookings, EventPro is ideal for managing any type of booking, whether you’re booking and managing an event, venue, facility, room, catering delivery, equipment delivery, resource delivery, tour, corporate box, park, sports field, or any type of booking at all. EventPro is the ideal software solution for Function Venues, Catering Companies, Conference Centres, Convention and Exhibition Centres, Meeting Room Venues, Sporting Stadiums/Venues, Training Room Facilities, Registered Clubs, Museums, Religious Organisations, Universities - whatever venue, facility, event, function or deliveries you manage.

If you are looking for Event Planning Software for Event Planners, click here.

If you are not sure which of our two leading event software solutions may suit your organisation best, please click here to visit our product comparison site.

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"Basically EventPro has made our work easier, without it we would simply be chasing paperwork around the office. I've worked in venues that don't use booking software, what a mess!!! The flexibility of EventPro has enabled us to customise reports to our specific needs and the simplicity of the Booking Grid allows us to quickly see what's happening and what's available. The program is solid and is constantly improved, I like that and I simply couldn't operate without EventPro these days."


- Mark Millett

Technical Coordinator
Riverway Arts Centre
Townsville, QLD AU


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EventPro, the professional Event Management Software, Venue Management Software & Function Management Software for Event, Venue & Function Management Professionals.

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With an extremely powerful but user-friendly environment and an ongoing commitment to development, EventPro Software is "the" venue management, function management, facility and room scheduling, function coordination, catering delivery and booking management software of choice.  Its features are focused on preparing all facets of a facility or delivery, providing you with the ability to efficiently organise information, manage financial data and run an array of custom reports.


Venue Management Software for function centre management, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, government departments, registered clubs, sport stadium bookings, corporate box management, catering organisations, universities - whatever industry you work in, large or small - discover the power of EventPro for all of your event scheduling needs.  EventPro is the ideal program for Function Coordinators, Venue Managers and Catering Managers! Request a free online demonstration with an EventPro representative.


Tour EventPro and see how easily a booking can be scheduled, or add equipment, catering, beverages, staffing and manage invoices and payments.


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New Releases!
Update to the latest version of EventPro to continue receiving the maximum benefits from the software. Remember, to receive updates a current Upgrade Protection Plan is required. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at or 612 9504 6999 (press 1 for Sales).
Learn more about the latest release of EventPro by reading the article "Software Update" in the latest issue of the EventPro Connection.


EventPro Clients - Find Out What They Think!

Read our client quotes to see how it works for them. Many types of organisations such as hotels, colleges, exhibition centers, universities, museums, stadiums and many other facilities use EventPro. See for yourself how scheduling is no longer a chore for our satisfied customers all over the world.


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Would you like internal staff or external clients to be able to check on your venue room availability online? Then you need EventPro's EPWeb Module.
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EventPro is backed by expert training and support. Get the confidence you need to maximise the benefits of EventPro by having our expert trainers tailor your processes for you with comprehensive onsite training.
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Schedule Your Events with EventPro

As venue, event and catering software specialists, we are committed to providing the right tools to manage your event or function as efficiently as possible. Here are some ways EventPro will help facilities:


  • Eliminate Double Bookings - EventPro's conflict control sends out a warning immediately when an attempt to double book is made.

  • Internal Reminders - Never forget important details again. EventPro's internal reminders or ticklers, automatically remind users what tasks need to be completed before, during, or after an event.

  • Comprehensive Reports - Organise and report on all facets involved with the event scheduling and managing process.

Want the facts? Read the key features of EventPro and learn how you can benefit from this Event Management Software.

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