What's New in Help

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What's New in Help

The EventPro User Manual has been updated to:

Version of EventPro Software

Version 4.2.5209.39434 of EP WebSuite

Version 1.1.5032.13455 of EventPro VirtualAssistant


These are some of the latest additions to the user manual, describing how to use EventPro's new and enhanced features.

To see a complete list of changes in EventPro, click Help | What's New in EventPro's main menu.



oA new System Setting determines whether users are allowed to add Accommodation Reservation Maker information on the fly, or are limited to selecting a reservation maker from existing Companies, Contacts and Attendees only.

oThe Accommodation Reservation Wizard will now alert you if you select a Company with a warning flag (or a Contact from a Company with a warning flag), and ask if you wish to continue with the selection.


oAn Event's Communications tab label font will turn red when communications are present.

oYou can attach multiple files to a communication simultaneously.

EP WebSuite

oThe new Modify Locations setting in Company and Contact Online Rights allows you to choose whether a company or contact can modify event locations online.

oYou can now view location information - such as dimensions, capacity, features, setup types and more - in pop-ups on the EP WebSuite calendar.


Need More Help?

If you have questions about using EventPro's functions, or require technical assistance, please contact EventPro Support.