What's New in Help

The EventPro User Manual has been updated to:

Version of EventPro Software

Version 4.2.4896.41591 of EP WebSuite

Version 1.1.4848.19940 of EventPro VirtualAssistant

This section will describe some of the new additions to Help, which will help you use EventPro's new and enhanced features.


Event Maintenance

oSplitting event locations is not permitted if there are registration functions in the event.

Resource Setup

oIf you update existing events with edits to Catering Configurations or Beverage Configurations, you will receive a prompt asking if you also want to update the descriptions of those configurations.

The New EventPro VirtualAssistant Suite - 18: EventPro VirtualAssistant Suite

The New EP WebSuite - 19: EP WebSuite


To see a complete list of changes in EventPro, click Help | What's New in EventPro's main menu.